Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Infanta is on a Royal Progress

I have it on very good account that the Court of Dachsonia is having a royal progress...and will be spotted in this hamlet upon the near-morrow as they go to visit neighboring Weenrovia.

Will Lili, the Infanta of Dachsonia appear? She is regarded as both a beautiful maiden, and a fierce and feisty warrior...attacking rogue zip ties and defending her family against gangs of marauding river otters. Who is this VIP (very important pup), and where can you buy souvenirs of her Royal Progress? Watch this spot for details. In the meantime, I (her scribe and servingwoman) will leave you with a vignette of her most recent comisioned portrait.

1 comment:

...Cindy... said...

Hahahahahahahaha.... I was SO not expecting the marauding river otters to appear! Yesssssss..

I anxiously await tales from Dachsonia! And, of course, the accompanying souvenirs...