Saturday, March 1, 2008

Crusade 17 - My journal "to go" box

Here's my journal box! It contains:

  • My hand-bound journal - it's in the back with the fun hanging fringe.
  • Water brush and watercolor pencils (a bit obscured in the picture)
  • Glue stick and trusty Cutter Bee
  • Pencil and London Underground eraser (souvenir from a trip to London)
  • Archival ink from Ranger and rubber stamps - for journal titles
  • Prepainted background pages (in the back next to the journal)- the journal is ring bound so I can make the pages and worry about attaching them later
As you can see from the picture, I had a bit of help from from my friends - this is Lili.

Who says dogs don't appreciate art? She's out enjoying the springtime in the garden. Where I live, spring is beginning to, well, Louis Phillipe antique roses (behind the dog) are blooming, the orange and lemon trees are blossoming. It's a beautiful thing.

Here are some closeups of the pre-painted (and inked) background papers.

And finally, here are some actual pages - one is a very quick watercolor sketch of Lili on the move - at six months old, she's on the move a lot.

Below is a page I did when I was feeling particularly frustrated that it seems like the quick answer is far more rewarded than the considered answer in our world. We all just need to stop and smell the roses a little more often.

I hope I get better at formatting the blog; I've never tried blogging before, so don't know anything about html, other than it seems a bit tricky....

Thank you Michelle for hosting the GPP crusade! I'm glad that I've finally gotten my act together and started coming out to play with the group!

"Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life" Pablo Picasso


michelle ward said...

Jane B - check you out! A brand new blog so you could come play with us? That is so cool! We've seen so many new players this month so you are in good company - and you are ready to rock with that kit! Thanks for showing the team your Pandora's Box AND some journal pages! (was very fun for me to see that triptych stamp again - seems like i designed that 100 years ago!) Welcome aboard Jane B!

Jane B. said...
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Anonymous said...

your journalkit looks lovely and those preprainted en preinkted PAGES: GORGEOUS!! You took the LEAP today for actually joining this crusade! Welcome to the team!

Julie said...

Your kit looks great and I really love those prepainted pages, that is such a good idea! This is my first month too so didn't we do well?

carin.c said...

Wonderful journal page... I also love the watercolor sketch of Lili - I really should try prepainting some backgrounds myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

~Izabella said...

welcome to blogland!!

I see you are off to a grand start with your journal box~ Michelle's site is definately the place to get you motivated!! just yesterday I finally started to put my journal box together~ haven't blogged about it, but she knows how to put into to motivate!!

your other piece you posted is amazing, you have a beautiful style present in your work~

you can come visit me at my other blog, I post there frequently, rather than Izabella's Tattered Letters, that is a long ago blog ;)

xo ~Izabella
Izabella's Blue

tina's space said...

great that you made that leap of faith and are following through. a new blog; wow. Michelle is a real inspiration so come back and play.

JeriAnn said...

Great name for a blog! I really enjoyed seeing your fuzzy muse and her watercolor likeness. I love things captured with the simplicity of painted line. Great pages as well. Glad you came out to play.