Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beautiful backgrounds for you to enjoy

Sunshine warmed my toes on my back porch this afternoon - it was a beautiful day for getting outside and throwing some paint around...and after I threw, here's what I got back from the paint goddesses...

There are just one layer - the beginning layer of my new art project - I asked the universe what my guiding word for this year is - and what I got back was focus.

 I'm thinking every day on this word...I suspect it means more than it seems.  It turns and swirls every day, bringing me more things to consider, more joys to revel in.

I think focus means to choose what art project I most enjoy, and to pursue it with relish and abandon to its richest conclusion.  Not let myself get sidetracked, sideswiped, sidelined.  See what mysteries will be unfolded to my newly opened eyes.  These paintings, just the first layer, are part of that focus.

Practicing yoga, freedom, self acceptance, non-judgment, honesty, contentment, peace.  And layers that will continue to unfold throughout the year.

Please feel free to download the backgrounds in this post for your own creative endeavors!  Just leave me a comment and let me know what wonders your new art year is unfolding.  Sharing is caring!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The muses are swirling around....

I firmly believe we can achieve world peace through art journaling, universal health care, and subsidized massage therapy for all.  Tell me we would not all be better off with these things?  In the meantime until all this becomes reality, I listened to the summons from my internet friend Samantha Kira Harding, and I wrote up a brave, crazy thing today.  I wrote a plan for my art journals, for making things to actually sell (so I can prove to myself in some concrete fashion that somebody else is listening - Capricorn, we are tangible affluence kinds of folks).  I wrote to myself the who/what/where/when/whys to try to explain to myself why I want to teach and to share the wonder, frustration, obsession, life affirming things that the mixed media collage art world has brought me.
That's me in the left corner of the picture - soaking in the pearlescent sky and swirling mists that rose from the earth as I drove home from work - the muse was letting me know she was listening to my dreams, and she was believing.  This will all become reality.  I know it.