Sunday, March 23, 2008

Peaceful thoughts on a Sunday morning

I am not a religious person, in the conventional organized religion sense, but I am a spiritual person. Who am I to say what brings you peace and a sense of the divine? I know that for me, I went out in the garden this Easter Sunday to look around at the fruit on the Japanese plum tree, and the flowers that are opening, the lizards that are emerging from their winter slumbers.

Look around you at your beautiful world and see. Slow down and really look, even in the forgotten corners of your garden or look at your front porch flowers. You don't have any? Get thee to your nearest nursery/garden center and try your hand with a few spring flowers. Consider the peace and tranquility to be found in nature.

Peace, love, and be brave with your art.



Sol said...

Interesting Topic!

youtube video

*Shelly* said...

Hi, Jane!

I found your art blog via a link on Cindy's page. Hope you don't mind. :) Your page is both beautiful and inspiring! :)