Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back from Journalfest!

Hello readers, and once again, apologies for the long absence. Guess I'd better get one of those "blogging without obligation" badges that Tiffini Elektra X has to make it seem like it's...uhh...intentional or something ;-)

Anyway, I was lucky enough to attend my second art adventure of the year - Journalfest - hosted by the wonderful and gracious Teesha and Tracy Moore. What an experience of a lifetime! The energy of three days of classes - each so different and special - with Anataha Katkin, Traci Bunkers, and Ingrid Djikers. Daybreak walks on the beach, followed by art making, followed by delicious lunch, more art making, afternoon strolls down the beach (oh! the photos) with a glass of local wine in hand, more awesome food, and then parties! The closing night band - Surrealized - were incredible and created such a rich energy and mood. The Moore's festival angels - Ben, this means you - were everywhere at just the right time, and nothing seemed to be too much trouble for them. Plus, the artists at the fest themselves - the "big names" and the students - we all mixed together in a democratic, equal, kinship of spirit. And then, just when you think it can't get better, it started with a rainbow that reached into the sea right over Ft. Worden, and it ended with the pinkest, orangest, purplest sunrise that literally stopped you in your tracks. I also loved that after all the fun, I had the peace and quiet of your own cozy little "artist's garret" room to journal introspectively into the wee hours. Oh yeah, and then do it all over again!

It was incredibly awesome, and I hope to put some pictures in here sometime soon. I think it's the pictures that keep me from posting as often as I'd like to - something about having to go into photoshop and resize the pictures to make them low resolution just keeps me from doing it. I'm an analogue girl in a digital world, I'm afraid. Of course, as this is an art blog, it kind of helps to have pictures. Will have to get this dichotomy sorted in my head.

Anyway, the pictures (for lack of actually having pictures of the event downloaded from the camera yet) what the confirmation packet looked like anyway. It took me three days just to find the right, special-ist time to even open it, and it didn't disappoint. The packet was so full of well thought-out goodness, so much journaling material. So much caring and thought went into it. Plus, a journal for you to get started on as a prelude to the event. When I got it, I knew that this event was going to be special, and it certainly was everything I had hoped for. I carried my Journalfest journal around with me everywhere - I didn't dare go without it! It is now a treasured souvenir of such a special, intense, introspective, rich, colorful, lush week.