Sunday, August 28, 2011

A further foray into watercolors

So I've really been getting into trying to stretch my drawing talents a bit further, and well, what's the fun in not adding some color to them?  It is probably stretching it a bit to try to learn two skills at once, but you can't really do much watercolor without drawing.  And at least the sketching end of drawing looks a bit empty without watercolors, so there we are.

I thought I'd share with you the drawings I did this week - I'm really pleased with how they are coming out.  No, I didn't happen to find myself in Brugge (or Bruges, all the same place) this week.  More is the pity, as it's no doubt much more fabulous than the hot, rainy, drearyness of late summer in Florida.  Next time I go, I'm so bringing my watercolors.  I wasn't 'into that' when I was there two years ago.  The photo this drawing was taken from was taken by me though.

I saw this little guy at work on Friday.  We have woods right near my office building, and I was getting in my car to go home for the day and saw this lovely buck sitting in a patch of sunshine, ruminating on the world.  One of the things that really appeals to me about art is that it makes you very observant.  And appreciative of the world around us.  All these other people were heading to their cars, on their phones, I don't think a one of them even noticed this guy.  I'm sure he didn't mind flying under the radar either.

This one I drew this morning; and this may be my favorite.  Nothing like post-breakfast sleepy hound in your lap to inspire a bit of drawing.  She was all curled up and cuddly....

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Deb's Artful Journey said...

Your watercolors are beautiful! I so want to take a class with Jane La Fazio... everyone's drawings come out amazing. Wouldnt it be fun to go to Italy with her.

Hugs, hope life is treating you well and Sis Irene passed you by.