Sunday, August 21, 2011

Watercolors with Jane LaFazio

Oh, it's been ages, just ages since I posted last!  I've been up to lots of things....I do need to go back and finish up those Artfest 2011 posts, though with some irony since Teesha Moore is now getting ready to take registrations for Artfest 2012....hah.

Isn't that always the way though - when you are busy with lots of things, it's hard to find time to post.  After Artfest, I went the very next month up to Prince Edward Island, Canada to do a workshop with Sabrina Ward Harrison.  Which was just amazing!  That's another whole post in and of itself, and needs to be revisited.  And journaled about.  I did write a 'words only' journal a few days after I got back at least.  The art journal part of it though?  Well I do have the book actually bound (yes, hand bound) and all ready to start getting filled to the brim with Sabina-inspired mixed media goodness.

Carolina Wild Daylily

One month later, I went up to North Carolina to take a class with Jane LaFazio at Random Arts, in Saluda.  My third visit to Random Arts, and always a genuine joy.  Probably my 10th at least visit to North Carolina.  I can't quite decide if my spiritual home is in the lush green mountains and rushing streams of western North Carolina, or the land of the tall trees and the powerful oceans of western Washington.  One or both I think.
Little plump dove, blind contour sketch

Anyway, I wanted to share with you the results of my watercolor sketching class that I took with Jane.  What an amazing lady!  A very kind and generous teacher, and so full of encouragement and sparkle.  I really felt very inspired and confident that I want to pursue the fine art of sketching more after this class.   Class works scattered throughout the post.

Still life Study

And when I got back to the cabin that we stay at whenever we are in WNC, aka - my "pretend home" up there ("oh, yeah, our cabin is in's near Hendersonville.  Oh you don't know Hendersonville?  Well it's about 45 minutes south of Asheville." sounds like I own it, no?) I don't, but the very nice Landen and Benny do, and for very reasonable rates, they let us think we own it for the week.  I sat out on the back porch one fine and sunny morning, surrounded by the tall, tall trees and the wonderful sound of nothing but birdsong and silence, and painted what I saw.  And here that is...


Jane LaFazio said...

hey thanks for the mention! I really hope I see you again, either at Random Arts or FRANCE! xoxo

random notes said...

Your writing draws me into the picture that you paint of North Carolina right along with your sketches and watercolor. Thanks for sharing your work.