Sunday, May 4, 2008

Studying with Michael DeMeng

I'm going to be taking a class with assemblage artist Michael de Meng this week called "Assemblooks aka Trashy Novels" at Random Arts in Saluda, NC.

My friend Cindy (fellow artist, and given to observations such as, "You know, scrapbooking just isn't subversive enough...")and I call him M de M - like we know the great man, right?

On one hand, I'm very excited about the opportunity to study with one of my favorite "BNA's" (big name artists) but on the other hand, quite intimidated. I've been getting together my art supplies (ordinary - paint, brushes) and out of the ordinary (Qwik Seal Tub and Tile Caulk, Liquid Nails, 5 minute epoxy - not liquid) obtained from Lowes. I have no idea what to do with the latter group, and am concerned that my brushes are not up to snuff in the former. I'm also supposed to gather "altered" materials - problem is, I don't really have that many. Everything I have is more in the scrapbook-esque line, not so much in the Rusty Things category. This for a man who wrote a book called "Secrets of Rusty Things."

So far, my rustiest thing is two quite lovely bolt-y things that have nice circles in the middle of them that look like medieval stained glass window structures. I found them in my driveway and have been rusting them nicely next to my ficus for some months. I brought them in and washed them off the other day, and my husband saw them next to the kitchen sink.

I said, "Look at these nice rusty bolts; do you have anything else like this, cause I really need it for my class."

He said (eyes slightly bulging, forehead shoots skyward) "Those are my missing pieces from my tap and die set! Where did you find them?"

I said, "Um, out in the yard.." (gestures vaguely towards the yard) "I think they're pretty...very medieval...haven't you noticed their design?"

We then stared at one another; incredulous at each other's ideas of what constitutes "art."

He seems to be a bit worried about what other items from his garage I'm going to purloin next.

Hoping to get around to creating a few stencils for Michelle Ward's Crusade this evening; I'm definitely leaving this up until the last minute. I've been rather overly busy this month, it seems.


...Cindy... said...

I am, of course, both excited and nervous for you, since I know that's how I would feel in your situation, too! Keep an eye out in parking lots and the side of the road on the way up - maybe you will spot additional rusty things to use.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Loved your description of the exchange with hubby. Very funny! I am going to take M de M's class on Saturday at Random Arts. It is the Morpheus Box workshop. Are you taking that one as well? Can't wait for the weekend!

*Shelly* said...

Sounds like you're going to have a fun vacation!

Oh, and this entry make me laugh out loud. :)