Sunday, April 27, 2008

Queen IsaBella of Dachsonia

Lili, the Infanta of Dachsonia, has an older sister named Queen IsaBella. The Queen is very regal, if slightly confused at times. Her main interests are eating, sleeping, and keeping the Infanta in line as best she can. She conducts state visits in her quiet, dignified fashion, greeting her public in a more "paw waving" Queen Elizabeth II fashion than the Princess Di-esque wild embraces of the Infanta. Her people love her quiet good nature, and sometimes marvel at her patience at putting up with the Infanta's "enthusiasms." Queen IsaBella is currently napping, as posing for this vignette really took up far too much of her very busy time.


*Shelly* said...

Beautiful! :)

...Cindy... said...

Only the Queen could have such a finely crafted hair piece. She is so regal!