Friday, March 23, 2012

How very curious

I'm attempting to navigate the newest incarnation of Blogspot's uhh..interface? Is that the right word? Anyway, I  noticed that it gives me statistics on how many people look at my blog (more than I'd think) and from where they are doing their looking. (The US mostly, followed by Canada which makes sense to me, and then followed by India, and Australia.) 

Blog visitors from India and from Australia somehow came as more of a surprise. 

 I hope my blog readers in India are looking at their laptops from a gloriously colorful temple with lush flowers, and placid fishponds, and not bored IT folks sitting in a cube somewhere in Delhi.  I imagine wherever you are, readers in India, that it might look like this.

Kenny the Dog, however, advises me differently. He's pretty sure that squirrels are my biggest readers.

He says in between admiring the spectacular acorn hat action, my readers probably are more like this.  He's very attuned to the squirrel tribe.   

(photo credit unknown, but not me.  I salute you Buddhist squirrel lover, whoever you are.)

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