Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Fancy Flea

My new friend Kim, (who I just met this week - this very week! how fortunate am I?! ) is featured in the bible of artsy style Where Women Create magazine.  Because of her wonderful art blog Dear Daisy Cottage, I found out about a lovely, French-style flea market right in my hometown - Lakeland, Florida.
This pinnacle of gorgeous baubles and hip rediscovered treasures is called "The Fancy Flea" and what an apt name it is.  It's just like a flea market except much, much better because its filled with all the things that an artsy wacky chick such as myself needs.  Handpainted furniture, vintage chandelier drops, fashions from the early 60's, homegrown plants, handmade jewelry in unexpected jingles and luscious drops.

When I saw Kim's posts on previous Fancy Flea events, I thought, "well that must be in some wonderfully hip and totally artsy place, like Portland, or Seattle, or San Francisco, or anywhere that's at least a thousand miles from where I live.  Le sigh."  Turns out that sometimes artsy and fabulous can be just an hour down the road!

Isn't it interesting how you can let go of your convictions that nowhere near you can possibly be fun, when you just look around a little bit with fresh eyes?

Yes, the sky was really this blue, and these birdhouses really looked like they were about ready for me to take up residence.

 So many yummy flowers and vegetable plants for sale - even European olive trees!  How I'd get one of those back in my rather tiny car, I'm not sure, so I settled for treasures from the market that were a little more portable.  Specifically a portable Royal typewriter from the mid 1930's!  Now I just have to find somewhere to clean and oil it, and replace its ribbon.  I'm told it works fine otherwise...I took a leap of faith on this one.  It was just that kind of day.
I've been totally in an orange frame of mind for a while - which is funny because it's not a color I wear or anything, but somehow its snuck all over my studio at home too.  Which is probably why I got a super fab nested box of drawers painted all pink and yellow and orange and teal at the Flea.  Did I mention it was handpainted?  Did I mention it was $15?!  I do love it a lot.  I'll show you a photo of my flea market finds soon... 

And if I hadn't already spent a bit more than I intended...and wouldn't you with all this luscious temptation....I sure would have loved one of these juicy ripe purple goodies.  Intense, non?

I bet you're making mental plans for their next Fancy Flea event in your mind, aren't you?  I am!  I'm not sure exactly when the one one is yet myself, but I think it will be in the spring.  Yes, we have beautiful weather here in the spring too.  Summer is another matter, but we have gorgeous Novembers, and simply lovely Aprils.

Is there somewhere near you that is unexpectedly artsy and cool, and you just never realized it?  Maybe there is, and it's just waiting for you to discover, or re-discover.  Thank you again Kim - you're a treasure!  If you'd like to see more photos of this beautiful event, please stop by Kim's blog (this is the post where she talks about her visit to the Fancy Flea) - I guarantee you will be as charmed by her as I was, and her photos are much better than mine - simply to die for!


Daisy Cottage said...


Wow! You brilliant writer YOU!
Loved your narrative! Loved YOUR photos! Loved meeting YOU! You are a beautiful person and it was truly an honor to chat with you and to hear about your own creative journey. I could have talked to you all day.

Thank you so much for your kindness and for saying hi. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

'Till next time!

Much love,

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Jane! Looks like so much fun! I'm sure you had a terrific time! And thanks for stopping by my blog! (By the way, I do not know any Sophies living in Dubai!) Hope you have a terrific week! :-)

Lori Powell said...


Thank you for your marvelous post about the Fancy Flea. After reading numerous magazines and blogs about the wonderful fleas out west...I thought...Lakeland needs one of these...and away we went. We began with 12 vendors last November; 27 last May and 41 this past we are certainly doing something right!! Thanks again for your wonderful description of the flea and I look foward to meeting you at the next one!

Lori Powell

Anonymous said...

We are so glad you made it out to The Fancy Flea! This event is Lori's brainchild and I am so glad to have the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful vintage extravaganza! We are already planning the April show and are looking forward to presenting plenty of new treasures! Thanks again for the wonderful virtual tour - what a great eye you have! See you in April.