Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Camera in Your Pocket

Oh, so much to talk's been ages since I have posted here, but I assure you dear readers, I've not been idle in the art world!  Oh no, not at all.  I think I have the opposite of a creative block going on - more of a creative bottleneck. 

I was truly blessed to have a the art trip of a lifetime this past May when I got to go to Spain and study collage with Nick Bantock for a week!  That's Nick in the picture, along with some of the other folks in the group having one of our many wonderful dinners by candlelight in the cool Spanish evening air. Just the food and wine and company were heaven itself.

Yes, it was as incredible as you would think it would be.  We went to Ronda (setting for Nick's book "The Forgetting Room") - those are wild poppies growing on the hills that you see in the photo below.  Such a beautiful town and so wonderful to go there with other artists.  To see it with the eyes of an artist and have the time to just wander the back streets with a camera and capture all the richness.  Nobody saying, "come on, you HAVE to photograph every light post and door hinge..."

Then on to the Alhambra in Granada.

Cordoba during the Festival of Flowers. 

 This is the Mosquita - amazing..

Oh, we saw flamenco, we danced, we sung, we painted, we drank LOTS of wine. Oh, more posts to come on this one.
When I got back, I started taking LK Ludwig's The Camera in your Pocket iPhone photography course - and that has been totally fun and really got me back into photography again.  It reminds me of when I was in college oh so many years ago and was taking photography and had all these photo assignments to do - ah, so much easier now in the world of digital!

And now, a couple of weeks ago, I started Mary Ann Moss's "Remains of the Day" class - which is a shabby journal of scraps.  Now, I've been having a few technical hitches with my sewing machine to say the least, but overall this is a brilliant course, and I've been very glad I've been taking it.   More pictures to come on this.

So....lots and lots of material for upcoming blog posts to share with you.  So stay tuned!


Shelly S said...

Wonderful photos! And so glad to see that you've been so inspired lately!

Jan said...

I visited Madrid, Toledo and Barcelona in June. Beautiful country. Love your photos!

Phoenix1992 said...

wow, the architecture is art in itself! Loving the snaps