Sunday, May 2, 2010

Walking around and looking artfully at the world

So one of my favorite things about making art a part (p-ART!  hah, I amuse myself) of your life is that I think you notice things more.  Appreciate the effort that others make, or that just seredipitously happens, to make the world just cooler.   I also really enjoy the Toy Camera iPhone app - you can get artsy on the go.  That's what these photos were taken on.  Note the faux-Lomo camera effects.  Badly taken shots turn artsy!  Except much cheaper, as you aren't dealing with real film and real developing and prints as you do with a Lomo camera.  Do I want a Lomo camera?  Of course I do.  I'm also a bit cheap.

Speaking of prints, I do wish, however, that iPhone would make an agreement with the Pogo Printer from Polaroid.  Have you seen these things?  It's a little tiny mini printer that hooks up to your camera and prints out pictures directly from it. As stickers, no less. I was fortunate enough to see one in Art Journaling action at Journalfest last October, and I think it's going to add bells and stars and twinkles to journaling on the go.

Now for my other exciting bit of news - I'm going on a trip to Spain in a few weeks!!!  As you can imagine, I'm planning on using my Pogo Printer for all my art journaling while I'm there.  Delivered by Accident in Twilight - The Art of Collage with Nick Bantock. Now doesn't that sound like something you just HAVE to know more about?  It hasn't really even sunk in that that's actually me, and actually me in Spain, with the grand master of the collage world.  It's on the verge of intimidating.

In the meantime, until the way exciting tour de Spain, here were a few sightings from my local Thai restaurant.  Just flowers, and wall hangings, and rugs, but don't they conjure up images of exotic, lush art filled rooms?  The food was great too.


Shelly S said...

I will be anxiously awaiting your photographs from Spain!

Mirian said...

lovely blog!
waiting for workshop's posts.
Mirian (Nick's Bantock workshop, remember?0