Saturday, November 7, 2009

Journalfest collage and a list...

What I loved about Journalfest:

all the glorious true art sisters in my classes, dorm, and everywhere...

the food - delish, fresh, creative, great quality

walks with my companion the sea at daybreak from zen calm... free, wild chop

the rainbows in the sky (I don't have a picture of them but this airplane window image will have to fill in as "nearest-to-rainbow"...they were there though)

the rich and juicy creative flow with so much inspiration everywhere

the gold and orange trees (no fall colors where I live, and much the pity for it)

the way-cool trades that everyone made, being surrounded by that much creativity was an unearthly boost!

my cozy "artist's garret" room where one could have company when one desired and solitude for introspection

wonderful, insightful classes with such lovely teachers who were so accessible and engaged

feeling like part of the "Teesha and Tracy family" with the super helpers (Ben and co.) who seemed to be at all the right places at all the right times - so organized that it made the whole event seem effortless (now that's organized!) No problem seemed like a problem at all in their capable hands

the down-to-earth atmosphere and real-ness of it all

Saturday night's party with the perfectly right grooves of Surrealized and the generous wine bar!

the stop-you-in-your-tracks and abandon your luggage Sunday a.m. sunrise - almost surreal in its orange-pink glory outlining the mountains beyond the bay in a jagged purple that felt like you could touch them. (I'm sure nature and the Moores conspired for this)
(Photo above in the banner - it was bannerworthy!)
and finally, Mt. Ranier (at times a bit shy - like for a week last summer when I was in Olympia and didn't get to see it once) even poked its head out from the clouds for the girls on the shuttle bus to see on the way back to the airport

I'm still coming back to earth from all that floating in the creative stratosphere..... and I'm journaling just about every day now!

I learned so much,

I felt so much

I'll hold it in my heart for a long time.


maria said...

so fun to read and remember it all again, and it was so good to meet you, Jane!

Roberta said...

Jane, so happy to hear from you! Thanks for leaving those great comments on my blog! I am so glad that we met at Journalfest, and I SO agree with your list of things here...that was such a wonderful experience, I will not soon forget!

I wandered around your blog for a while...enjoyed reading about Amsterdam (LOVE the photo of the lights reflected in the water!!!) and read about your meeting with Nick Bantock! What a GREAT story! I love his art too...long before I became a mixed media artist myself.

Glad you are back home safe and sound. Will you be going to Artfest in March??? I am curious to see Pt Townsend in the spring :-)

Take care,

*Shelly* said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful experience. :)

Judy Wise said...

Oh Jane, wasn't it wonderful? The work you posted from your journal and that you did in the classes is so beautiful and inspiring; why didn't I think of coloring up my lunch tickets and putting them in my journal? It was so nice to know that east coast and west coast were in the same Anahata class together. Art is the glue to holds so much together. xo

HeartFire said...

what a lovely post, thanks for sharing... I enjoyed reading & seeing pix since I didn't get to go... hope you will share more pix on your class with Anahata, I had her once and I was just dying to take that class there...

Sandra Tice said...

Thank-you for stopping by my blog....I LOVE your list, it's jogged my memory of additional things I enjoyed at JournalFest. I look forward to meandering around your blog more in the days to come!

All the best,

Jessica Herman Goodson said...

Wasn't it just wonderful! I am still missing it. The people, the classes, the teachers, even the weather. It was such a beautiful time to be there, full of color and moodiness. Hope to see you at the next one!

DaNelle said...

Ah. I found myself breathing a little deeper, re-experiencing this wonderful time. Thank you for sharing your photos and memories.