Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Soul Journaling homepage art!

Just a quick post to say thank you to Christy and my Soul Journaling companions for selecting the posting below (the picture with the lavender in gesso) for the group's homepage! I am very thrilled to be a part of this fine group, and I thank you all very sincerely for the honor :-)

I am also truly touched to be the recipient of a remarkable piece of assemblage art (and a Teesha Moore print) from the inspired and genius hands of my friend the truly talented BNA (big name artist) Cindy. Seriously readers, you need to go look at her blog and see this awesome piece! Go check it out :-) You'll want to have one yourself, I promise. She is now accepting commisions...


...Cindy... said...

Haha.. thanks for the props, Jane! And congratulations on the selection of your art for the homepage!

~Barb~ said...

I just found your blog through the Soul Journaling group and I am loving looking through your posts. You're awesome! I'm now a devout follower so I don't miss a beat. YAY! and beautiful work.
Peace & Love,

~Barb~ said...

Thank you for introducing me to Cindy's blog and her beautiful artwork. I know you have to be in awe of the gorgeous and heartfelt piece of art she made especially for you.
Peace & Love,

KathrynAntyr said...

Hi Jane,
I echo your sentiments ~ blogland has enriched my life in a way that I never expected. We are all so lucky to have this medium to connect, learn, and explore. I've never felt more understood and appreciated as I do here in blogland.

Happy day!