Saturday, January 17, 2009

Repurposed ink and paint holders, or how to make ugly household items quite fun

These are actually some projects I did last year ("That is sooooo 2008...") but since I never did get around to posting it here, I'm going to claim it's part of my "simplify" campaign of 2009. Self-deception is getting me everywhere - tee hee!
I had been coveting our wall-mounted spice rack for ages and ages (at least six months) because I'd realized it would the perfect thing for keeping all my cheapie acrylic paints where I can see them. And presumably, use them. I have my Golden paints (hardly cheapies) in there as well, for a bit of class, but as you can see, it's mostly the 50c jars from JoAnn's. I love em actually. Being a visual person (and what artist isn't) it definitely helps to have your stuff out where you can remember you have it. It took a bit of convincing the husband that I could put the spice rack to better use than he could, and the purchase of an expensive new spice rack (they don't make this design anymore that I could find, which is sad. Now you have to go much more expensive.) When he finally relented and said I could have it, I whipped it off the wall in the kitchen (there are still bare nail holes) and screwed it into place (it's a bit heavy) before he changed his mind. He marvelled that I had actually hung it myself. I marvelled that I had hung it straight.

Along the same lines I also went to a local thrift store (now sadly going out of business - not sure what it says for the economy when even the grungiest thrift store is closing - does that mean nobody's buying cheap? or that nobody's even spending for junk?) to find the above item. What is it, you say? I can't take credit for this idea, but I had read a few years ago that a great way to store your inkpads (for rubber stamping) is to keep them in an old cassette tape holder. A few of you may remember these ;-) They're generally made from pressboard, you probably threw yours out in a "simplify" campaign of your own at least a decade ago. I did - which is why I had to go to a thrift store to buy another one! Thankfully I found one, classed it up with my favorite Basic Grey Motifica paper and some artful applications of "aging" dark brown chalk ink and paint. Et voila - an inkpad holder!

The paintbrush holder is the bottom of a cannister that held a whisky bottle - sawed in half, covered in paper, rubber stamped on (stamp is fro m Stampers Anonymous Michael de Meng collection), painted on, doodled on. I am quite fond of it!

So, we're reusing, reducing, recycling and simplifying here. Now if only I could think of something to hold all my little tiny "cats eye" shaped inkpads...the quest continues.


~Barb~ said...

I love repurposing things for my art studio! I have a clear pocketed over the door shoe holder on the back of my studio door and keep all sorts of seldom used items in it where I can see them and use them more frequently now. I've reused a lazy-susan type spice rack with the glass spice jars holding many of my beads, too. Now you've got me wanting your kind of spice racks for my paints, too! Very cool idea!
Peace & Love,

Christy said...

Excellent use of repurposed items (included 08 projects into 09) lol

Stephanie said...

great ideas, especially since I am getting ready to move into a new studio space!

thanks for the visit and for putting a small voice to peace.


...Cindy... said...

For the record, I have not only spent a significant amount of time on the internet searching for a similar paint spice rack (couldn't find one), but also took one last look through the storage section of the now closed thrift store for a cassette tape holder (also couldn't find one). I am envious of your crafty organization!

Anne said...

Hi, Jane! Love all the wonderful storganization projects! :-)

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

What cool ideas for organizing! I never thought to use cassette tape holders for holding ink pads. I may have to stop at my local Good Will on Friday and see if they have any.