Monday, September 1, 2008

Soul Journaling - Day Twenty

All the way up to day 20 - only three more to go - I find myself missing the process already. But, it's also great to actually take a project to it's conclusion, and very satisfying. Of course, the point is not the destination but the journey, and in the case of art journaling that IS the point.

This page was good fun, I didn't think it would work out well at first (I never do) but of course it did. Sarah's guidance is never wrong! This was a collage of three previous soul journal pages put together by tearing papers into strips and putting the images together in new combinations. It is tied together with a wash of paint. This is really, in my mind, what collage mixed media art is all about - combining existing images in new ways so that they appear as though they always went together, they should always be together, and they create a new statement or idea in doing so.

I actually think this is my favorite page. I'm definitely going to do this technique again.

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...Cindy... said...

I'm not quite this far in the prompts yet, but I must say.. hearing the idea is already freaking me out! However, your pages do not at ALL look like collaged pieces - the spread flows completely on its own and feels like a new whole. Beautiful!