Monday, September 1, 2008

Soul Journaling - Day Twenty One

Today's exercise was about misfits - make a random doodle, see what shapes emerge (I love how this process is both therapeutic, exploratory, and a darn fun way to learn new techniques), and create a figure from them that represents when you felt like a misfit. Of course, my squiggle looked like nothing until I turned it upside down, and lo an behold, it was a person's face! Of course my misfit was only revealed upside down. That's why it's a misfit, right?

I decided the image must be related to my being the runner up misfit (the second most unpopular person of my seventh grade class). If you had a good middle school/junior high experience, then congratulations - you must be the only one! I'd love to tell you that I grew to accept myself as I am and was no longer concerned with fitting in, blah blah blah. Not true. I grew acutely conscious of exactly how to fit in, and I became quite good at it by high school. Not that I was "A-list" popular, but I actually really enjoyed high school and am still friends with my best friends from then to this day.

However, I don't think I really got to be totally cool with who I am - and believe me, I still am a misfit in lots of ways, but I actually enjoy them now - until my 30's. I would be bored and disappointed with myself if I wasn't who I am now, but it took a long time to get there. So, here's to misfits - enjoy your eccentricities for without them, you'd be just like the rest. And who wants that?? Seriously.


pattie said...

All of your journal pages are very insightful and it is wonderful that you have done this project for yourself...Often we forget that we are important!! I will have to try this looser form of journaling...
Artfully Yours,

...Cindy... said...

I love this spread. It looks so.. "free". The prompt sounds like a lot of fun. I think your observations of your own "misfit"-ism are interesting. I wouldn't use the term "misfit" to describe you, because it sounds kind of rebellious and almost angry. It implies that you are purposely breaking "the rules". I feel, instead, like you are the kind of person that completely ignores the notion of "rules" existing in the first place - you aren't rebelling. You are just being your truly original, awesome self! *end of speech*

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous piece. Thanks for sharing!