Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birds Welcome Here

This is a message for my local bird tribe - they read blogs too.  I've been really trying to make my back yard into a 'back garden' because I figure it sounds more enticing to you.

(Marketing, you know.)

Doesn't the little cottage seem like a place that you might want to raise a family?  I don't have cats that might be a little too interested in you.  Ok, I have dogs. But I've put little fences up, and they are very short-legged. So they aren't able to get very close.

I've also been taking extra effort with keeping the bath filled. I know your kind likes that, and you like it cleaned too. Check. Birdbath cleaned yesterday morning. 

There's a squirrel feeder too.  Um no. It's NOT a squirrel feeder, it's a bird feeder. Purportedly squirrel proof. I'm finding out that the Gang of Four Squirrels has figured out how to outwit the spring mechanism. But hopefully you all will be able to share.

Open house! Come on over!  I've even got sculptural representations of you. 

As a hint.

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