Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Earlier this month, we did a spontaneous trip to New York City to celebrate mine and my husband's birthdays - as a good friend of mine says, "Wow, when you get spontaneous, you go to New York City. When we get spontaneous, we go to Cold Stone Creamery..."  I can't believe I've gotten to this mid-life age, and never been to New York before!  This will be remedied in the future.  I thought I'd share a few shots with you of the city in winter. 
Macy's - and I never made it past the first floor.  I definitely didn't get to Santaland, (and if you have never read "The SantaLand Diaries" by David Sedaris, do yourself a favor and do do.  It is everything you love and hate about Christmas in a nutshell. Extra points to you if you have ever worked in customer service, as you, dear readers will especially appreciate this one!)

Ice skaters in front to Rockfeller Center.  

The famous Rockerfeller Center tree; it was so amazing to see this many people all going to visit an evergreen.

 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
The old dairy next to the sheep meadow, Central Park.

Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, and brightest blessings for your New Year.  I hope all your artistic dreams come true.  Seasonal hugs, Jane

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Just Janie said...

Visiting New York city at Christmas time is #1 on my bucket list. Friends say "Are you nuts? It's crowded at that time!" Still, ever since seeing Miracle on 34th Street many years ago that has been my dream. Thank you for the pictures, it has increased my desire to go. janie