Sunday, October 26, 2008

Park your broomsticks - welcome to the party!

My sincerest apologies for the slight....unpleasantness....with the punch. The pixies have been sorted out, and it's time to come in! Welcome, welcome...please park your brooms by the rusty gate and help yourself to a velvet robe, a cauldron of the newly magical punch, and a wafer of moonbeams. I'm very glad to see you here!

Don't forget - if you'd like to see any of the pictures more closely, just click on the picture and it'll magically get larger!

Now that you're here, why don't meet some of our guests? Please come right this way. We'll be going through the magical gardens to reach the party. Be careful of the fountain, he doesn't bite of course, but sometimes he's been known to climb down and splash rather a lot of magic water onto our friends. You know why it's magic water, don't you? Because it disappears whenever you sit down in a puddle of it!

Aren't the gardens lovely at this time of year? If you look closely, you'll see the rare Peacock Bats rising next to the bench - they like to come over and nestle on your shoulders, so I hope you don't mind them. They're very gentle and I assure you they don't bite.

No time to smell the moonbeams and lavender - walk over the blue bridge where the urns are now, the rest of the party is dying to meet you! I have it on very reliable account that a contingent of Steampunks has made an appearance. Their locomotive is hovering somewhere near the horse-drawn hearses, so I sincerely hope their steam doesn't make everyone dewy.

Oh yes, there they are, over on the left. They're behaving themselves, guess they're not feeling quite punkish. In fact, ah, I see they're watching our Gypsy Dancer! Madame Zaza has appeared, clearly the Gypsy King doesn't know what he's missing out on....I see some Victorian Explorers are searching for the source of the Nile - no no, I assure you it's not in the fountain. Looook out! Ah, splash......I knew it. Never mind, they seem quite envigorated from their magic water dousing. Where is our Enchantress when we need her? Oh, really? She's off to sort out the Pixies again...yes, there she is walking out of the picture on the right.

I must say, things are going swimmingly at the First Annual Soul Journalers Halloween Bash!

Now what are you costumed as? I like the Faerie wings - they are fairie wings aren't they? No, they're part of your Renaissance attire. I must say, I didn't think that Queen Elizabeth generally wore wings, but right you are ma'am - and a lovely interpretation it is! Do enjoy mingling with our other guests now....I have to see about the broomsticks.

A busy hostess is never done - just as I thought, the Steampunkers Locomotive seems to have gone off on a ramble over the nearby fields, so I must fly myself. Please do enjoy the refreshments, and I'll see you all very soon in the Land of Blog Comments. After I catch that runaway locomotive, I think I'll stop by the other blog parties going on tonight - I hear there are some beautiful and festive parties to attend! Thank you Kathryn Antyr and the Soul Journalers group for sponsoring this fabulous event!

Thank you so much for joining me! I'll see you at your house!


...Cindy... said...

Oooo, a very ambitious melding of art and words. I love how your spreads are just the jumping off point for a much larger story, as told electronically. The combination of traditional collage techniques and technology to tell a singular story gives me all sorts of grand artistic ideas.. thank you for inviting me! My party last weekend pales in comparison.

Christy said...

Amazing pages and I love your blog header for the party!

Sarah Whitmire said...

Thank you so much for having me at your lovely party. I am very glad that you got those pesky pixies under control. :) I'm loving your journal pages and new banner.

I hope you have a happy Halloween and if you're in the neighborhood please do stop in for some treats!


Viki said...

Mighty Fancy!
Steampunk!!Even, what fun!

Thanks for letting me play.


KathrynAntyr said...

What a delightfully spookish romp I've had here. I love all of your images and well crafted tales.

We had a fun outing of trick-or-treating followed by a visit with my folks. They adored having my son over all dressed up hearing about his spooky adventures.

I'm so happy you were able to manage the pixies and get things posted. This is one blog spot not to miss!

Happy Halloween!
xoxo k

Liz said...

Very neat images- thanks for sharing.

Abbie said...

Hi Jane!
Oh, wht a lovely party! Love the guests.. I can see that all the most fabulous attended!
Your journal pages are great, I love your freedom with your art.

Linda said...

What a wonderful party, even if I did end up soaked by the fountain. The magical punch was truly magical and the entertainment was superb. Just how does that Gypsy Dancer bend back so far? Before I forget, I must compliment you on your lovely party frock and 'do.

Thanks for inviting me, I had a wonderful time.

Melissa said...

Wow! Glad I'm not too late to join in the festivities. I could sure use a glass of punch. So many wonderful things to see and read. Happy Halloween!!

*Shelly* said...

This is so cool. :)

lee said...

great party!

Dianne said...

Fun story and unique images...loved it all! apparently the pixies didn't force too much punch into you!

LaY hOoN said...

Amazing !! Love all the journal pages, especially the lady on the moon.
Thank you for such great Halloween party in your blog.

3rdEyeMuse said...

sorry it took me so long to get here (had a hard time pinding parking for the Boo Bus), but it was SOOOOO worth the wait! You sure know how to throw one heck of party ... I'm still feeling light and tingly from the big splash of magic water. *sighs*

thanks for having us and I sure hope to see you again soon. :) ~M~

Sandra Evertson said...


Mar said...

i am late to the party
and everyone has left...i had problems with my broom

however i bring a gift...come to my blog and read all about it

Patti said...

I'd say you're a free spirited artist all the time, whether you're writing, working, no matter!
Love your blog and your work - thanks for visiting mine!

Becci said...

You must have had a great time with your Halloween Party!

Have a great hair day! Becci

Anonymous said...

As always, I'm late - but love what you've done here - not only the images, but the narrative too - and the creative names and activities. I love those peacock bats - how lucky you were to have them drop by and capture their images on your canvas!

Anonymous said...

As usual, I'm late, but I love what you've done here with your wonderful images but also the great narrative that goes along with them. You are so lucky that you saw the rare peacock bats - they are so beautiful and inspiring, such a rare harbinger of prosperity and good luck - and most fortunate that you were able to capture them on your canvas so the rest of the world could share in your good fortune as well. Thank you!