Sunday, August 31, 2008


After a three week absence, I'm back to my studio to work on some art. Largely my hiatus was due to my wonderful vacation to the pacific northwest - pictures to follow in next post - but since I've been back I've had a hard time getting back into the swing of things. Somewhat I think due to having too much to say - where to begin? I had some amazing experiences on vacation, and took some lovely pictures that I know will be fun to work with. However, life itself I think has also contributed to where I'm sitting at the moment. Foremost, my sweet Bella passed away - Bella (seen above) was our 13 year old dachshund who had been suffering from Cushings disease, a brain tumor that caused seizures, high blood pressure, an enlarged liver and a compressed disc in her spine. I can't say that her passing away came as a surprise, and at least she isn't suffering anymore. The loss of one of a loved member of the family, no matter how much experience you get with it (and I've had my fair share) still affects you in ways that you don't even realize right away. Bella's passing also hit our Lili very hard. Lili is our dachshund puppy (seen in the picture on the right of this blog in her alter ego The Infanta); she has never been without another dog in her life from when she was born, so this has been an adjustment for her as well. She got very ill - most likely as a result of stress from Bella passing away and from being boarded for a week while we were away - and got stress-related colitis. I'm happy to report that she is fully back to health now and is snuggled on my lap as I write this, but this has surely been the hardest on her. Work, also, has been rather intense of late (lot of long hours, tenseness, etc) but I won't go into that because it's just not very interesting to write or read about!

Here is Bella and Lili together in happier times:

I know that in order to recover from this emotional flat place, I need to start working and playing on my art again. To that end, I started up with my soul journal this morning. I'll be posting the remaining day's exercises shortly. Also, as promised in previous post, I'll tell you all about my trip and visit with the man who, in my opinion, is the father of the modern collage/altered/mail art movement. More to come.


...Cindy... said...

I have fond memories of the good Queen IsaBella. I am pleased that her memory will most certainly live on in the royal art of Dachsonia.

eb said...

dear Jane - so sorry to hear of Bella's passing - sending you love - and doxie prayers...

xox - eb and Lulu.